Saturday, 16 February 2013

A BRUSH WITH DEATH By Andrew Evans Senior Campus

I was fifteen when I had my brush with death. It was a little weird but for some reason I was not scared. I know I should have been but something told me that I should stay calm. I would never have imagined that something so small could remain in my mind for so long.
It was February 19th, my birthday, my family and I were having a party. My dad let me drink because it was a special occasion; we all had one hell of a night and we knew the next night would be even better, or so we thought. 
The next day came and we were all getting ready for the party. That night me, my sister and her boyfriend went out, we were walking through the shopping centre car park and I noticed all these people standing around the car park, but I just kept walking with my sister and her boyfriend. We walked across the road and got to the other side where we were almost at the entrance to Seven Eleven when I heard someone call out “Hey!” I looked behind me and saw a guy walking up towards me. I answered back with “Yeah mate?” 
“Do you want to get stabbed?” he asked. 
At first I thought I had misheard what he had said, but then he said it again. At this time I was questioning as to what he was going to stab me with. Then he pulled out this knife from the shadows of a tree that was drooping over us. I stepped back to try and draw him into the light of the street lamps.
He moved out of the shadows slowly and bit by bit revealed his concealed weaponry. I saw the knife. It was a relatively new knife but it was about fifteen centimetres long with a diameter of about an inch and a half. Soon after he pulled it out people started to cross the road to come over to where we were. Soon we were surrounded by about thirty or more people. I didn’t have time to count them all. All I knew was that I was in deep shit and I had to think of a way out.
The guy with the knife asked me to give him my phone, but I had left it at home due to my battery dying on me.  “Sorry, but I don’t have it on me”,  I said, then he asked me for my wallet and I told him I didn’t have that on me either, when really I did but he believed me so it worked out well, until he started getting aggravated and laughed at me with the knife in his hand.  Lucky for me his friends pulled him back.
 I don’t know how or why but it all worked out. They all apologised and said it was just a case of mistaken identity. They took off in a taxi and we all went home.                               

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