Saturday, 16 February 2013

Unexpected Flashback By Yasmyn Rickard West Campus

I was sitting in my room listening to music when something hit my window. I thought nothing of it at first but when it didn't stop I got up and looked out my window. I saw it was my best friend ever, Grace Heart. Grace was your average teenager. She wore a bit of mascara and eye shadow, was average height and she wasn’t afraid to be herself. Grace was throwing stones at my window to get my attention. I quickly ran down the stairs, two at a time so I could get to the door quicker. As soon as I opened the door Grace tackled me to the ground. When she got off me we burst out laughing.  


See Grace and I had been best friends longer than I can remember. We have been through everything together; break-ups, her mum passing away, my parents splitting up and a lot more. No matter what, we were always there for each other. But that was all until last week. She died from cancer. She didn't want to tell me because she didn't want me to worry about her. I knew something was wrong before she passed away but I didn't think much about it. I thought she was just sick, but I was way off.

All I do now is sit in my room depressed. I was looking through our old photos that we took when we were mucking around and remembering all the tough times we helped each other through. Who was going to do that for me now? No one was able to cheer me up over the past week. All I did was cry. I wouldn’t even come out to eat so I was getting very sick myself.

A few days later I finally came out of my room. I really needed to get out of the house. It was too depressing. I went down to the park a couple of blocks from my house. When I got there, I sat under my and Grace’s tree. When we were younger we had carved our names into the tree. I was going through our photos again and saw one of us two with her twin brother at the beach last month. As soon as I saw that photo I broke down crying.

After a while I felt someone hug me from behind. It was Jason, Grace’s twin. The three of us were really close, so close that over the years I had developed a huge crush on Jason but had learnt to hide it. Only Grace knew that I did. She kept telling me that he liked me also but I never believed her. After a nice silence, Jason turned me around and said: “Before Grace died she told me something very interesting.”

“Wh....” before I could finish speaking he kissed me.

Over the first few weeks of dating I started eating again, and smiling but deep down inside I was still depressed about Grace passing away. I had gotten help from my mum and Jason. Somehow Grace and I were that close we were like twins. It was emotional pain for me and Jason. Jason was doing a little better than me but not by much. Well at least that’s what he was telling me. I still don’t believe him.
About 6 years later we  are still together. We are both 23. We have our share of fights and ups and downs but we are still there for each other. We helped each other accept that Grace was gone and wanted us to be happy and live our lives with her in our hearts. For the first time in a while I thought ‘I love my life.’

“Mummy, mummy!”

 “Yes Luna”

“Who’s this?” she asked shyly pointing to the photo of myself. Grace and Jason at the beach. See Luna is our 4 year old daughter. Her full name is Luna Grace Heart.

“That is your aunty Grace. When we were your age we were best friends and still were until she went to the place in the sky. She is probably watching you right now.”

“Hi aunty Grace” Luna said looking up at the roof. I pulled Luna into a hug and Jason then hugged me.

“I love and miss you Grace. I hope you are happy where you are.”

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