Saturday, 16 February 2013

What is needed to build up motivation and fitness? By Paige Hamley North Campus

To keep yourself fit and motivated is sometimes very difficult. From my own experiences I know of these struggles to keep at it. If you do keep at it you will see the rewards and live a healthy and fit life. 
One of the struggles of keeping motivated and keeping fit is to resist getting lazy; if you have been going to the gym regularly for months on end, you start to lose motivation and get sick and tired of it, or going for runs and so on. There are also some struggles about getting to the gym such as it’s too far away, you have no way of getting there, and you have no motivation what-so-ever.  Another factor is getting caught up in your social life; going out with friends and having a part-time job. As a teenager myself I know what this is like. An example of this is I had not gone to the gym for 4 days straight and my friends were going out and had invited me to come along, so I decided to go with my friends instead of going to the gym. Your social life can be very distracting.
 Having more energy, feeling good and looking good are all positives related to keeping fit. Sometimes people have a lack of motivation but there are ways to overcome this. One way is to train with a friend or a few friends to keep you going. Another way is to get a personal trainer to help you through. While training and working you can listen to motivational music. Say to yourself that you can do this, say to yourself you have to keep going to look good.
It can be very big struggle when it comes to keeping fit and healthy. But if you keep at it you will see the results just like I did. Everyone will give you compliments on how good and healthy you look. This will make you want to strive for more and keep you at it.

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