Saturday, 16 February 2013

Soccer By Lula Kullo West Campus

In this essay I hope to prove that a sport like soccer should be compulsory at school. The first reason is that sport keeps you fit. When you play soccer you have to run, use your muscles and exercise. You get fresh air into your brain and you lose weight. 

The second reason is to enjoy sport. We play and we enjoy it when we feel so happy. 

Another reason is to socialise. People like to play soccer because they want to meet new people  and make new friends. There are many other reasons that people like to play soccer but making friends is the most important to some players on the soccer field. 

People like to play the game of soccer because they think it is fun.  The action on the field can get crazy at times when ten people are chasing the ball around the field and the joy will show on many of their faces. Smiles are sure to be on every player’s face when their team scores  a point, and we might even scream in delight at the top of our lungs. 

In the end we should play  soccer so we can socialise with others, stay fit and feel happy.

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