Saturday, 16 February 2013

Train Tragedy By Ashley Wilson North Campus

I sat at the Laverton station watching how happy my little brother and sister looked. I smelt how fresh the air was and I noticed how happy my mum looked. Nothing seemed like to could go wrong. But within a blink of an eye that all changed. 

As the train sounded its horn I turned for only a second but within that second my mum let out a terrifying scream. I raised my head to look at my mum. Her expression was indescribable. I turned to look towards the rails and that moment a woman plunged to her death. Time sped up and the train seemed to be going even faster. At that moment I felt helpless. 

As her body disappeared beneath the train, her pink top and brown curly hair were imprinted upon my mind. My heart began to race, my breathing sped up, my body was paralysed and my brain was overloaded with thoughts. Why did she do it? She seemed to be in her thirties – she still had so much to look forward to. I couldn’t believe what I had just witnessed. It still sits in my mind to this day. 

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