Saturday, 16 February 2013

A Taste Of Death By Emily Ardeer Campus

I looked at my phone. 2:00 am. I slipped it back in my pocket. I breathed out nervously. I looked around the alley, my eyes darting, looking for some kind of movement. Suddenly I heard footsteps approaching. I backed myself against the wall. Now my breathing was getting faster. The footsteps were getting closer and closer. I quickly slipped around the corner and into the darkness. I waited to see two figures. Women. I breathed out in relief. Hmmm nice legs. I began to walk when I heard a gun cock behind me. I swiftly spun around. I knew this was coming.


I looked at the clock beside my bed. 10:57 pm.

2 minutes.

Nearly time. I gulped. I looked over at Stacey. My girlfriend. She was sleeping so peacefully. I quickly checked my clock again. 10:59 pm.

1 more minute.

I cuddled Stacey. Her hair smelt so sweet. I looked at the clock once more. 11:00 pm.


My shoes pressed against the floor boards. A shiver went down my spine. I walked over to my draw and searched desperately. Knife, gun, bullets, water bottle. I chucked them all in my bag. I walked over to Stacey who was still sleeping, and gave her a kiss on her forehead. Then I walked out into the night.


“You got me.” I said with a smirk.
“Indeed I did. You have what I want, boy?” the man said.
“Yeah of course. It’s in my bag let me get it,” I said as I slipped my hand through. I grabbed the knife instead. Suddenly I jabbed it into his leg. He started to scream and blood spurted everywhere. I smiled then began to run. Then I felt something hit me. I dropped to the ground. Blood covered my chest. I began to breathe rapidly. The man limped towards me.
“Not today kid. No running. No hiding,” he said as he stepped on my fingers. I could hear them crunch underneath his shoes. He began to walk off with my bag. I failed the task. The excruciating pain hit my chest. More blood. I felt cold inside. I began to cough up blood. The thick rusty taste of blood filled my mouth. The alley began to fade. I closed my eyes.
I woke up. I was in a bed. I looked around. I was in a hospital. The pain in my chest started to throb. I licked my lips. The taste of dry blood tingled my taste buds. Suddenly a nurse came in. She smiled.
“Wow, you’re awake James. Lucky. You had a brush with death.” She said smiling warmly.
I smiled back. I was alive for now, but I failed my task, so it won’t be long until I actually meet death.

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